Welcome to Six Lips Theatre

Six Lips Theatre is an independent physical theatre company whose work straddles visual arts and a modern, experimental form of Brechtian epic theatre. Our aim is to create theatre which is evocative, resonant, playful and lasting, everything is enveloped in the “lovingly made”, handcrafted and original. The company’s works are thoughtful and concept-driven, with a strong focus on methods of storytelling and accessibility. Six Lips Theatre work in collaboration with a variety of artists currently focusing on emotional well-being and female experiences.

Both process and performance have empathy and honesty at the heart; initiating discussion between performers in process, and between storyteller and audience in performance. The work generation methodologies follow a pattern of play; respond, reflect, respond.

Six Lips Theatre produce original written and devised works as well as re-imagining existing texts through distinctive, interpretive exploration. Intricately detailed and ensemble-driven, process and product are collaborative and organic. Expect exposed craft and poetic, poignant wordcraft, stimulating and lasting vignettes and motifs.


“…riotously funny, as well as visually impressive…witty, dynamic, thoroughly enjoyable” The York Press on Hands Off

“a beautifully crafted new production” One and Other on Close

“Six Lips, known for producing innovative, provocative theatre, with the objective to produce affecting, poetic theatre with ‘powerful aesthetics’, I think they have met their targets with their latest production”  The Yorker on Person In Law

“The experimental company must be the most prolific in York, bursting with ideas that go off in all directions” The York Press on Faustus

“They shone in both the design and the execution of play, fully realising the unique atmosphere of Poe’s writing..” Write Right Now on Poe

House of Tragic She has the makings of an incredibly powerful production, and it investigates what is indisputably a very important subject” Broadway Baby on House of Tragic She work in progress performance

“This is a company full of interesting, challenging ideas on the boundaries of theatre and the flesh-and blood physicality that separates it from cinema” The York Press on House of Tragic She