Welcome to Six Lips Theatre

Six Lips Theatre is an independent all-female theatre company founded in 2010 by Anna Rose James, Hannah Wallace and Roxanna Klimaszewska to create theatre which is evocative,resonant, playful and lasting. The company’s works are thoughtful and concept-driven, with a strong focus on ensemble-driven process, collaboration and documentation. Due to this process, the company now also comprises various associate artists.

Specialising in a modern, experimental form of Brechtian epic theatre, Six Lips Theatre produce immersive pieces that implicate the audience in the bespoke environment of each production. Both process and performance have empathy and honesty at the heart; initiating discussion between performers in process, and between storyteller and audience in performance. Expect hand-crafted aesthetics and poetic, poignant wordcraft, stimulating and lasting vignettes; all exposed to question and response.

For Six Lips Theatre, the performance is the beginning of the adventure.